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              A Clean Place to Dry


      Store Your Contact Lens Case!

                  Helps Reduce

Bacterial Contamination

In the struggle to keep our contact lenses clean and bacteria-free, we often overlook one of the most obvious points of contamination - the lens case. Contact lens cases, if left open on a bathroom counter, are often exposed to all types of bacteria. These unhealthy bacteria can then be transmitted to your contact lenses. 

Dishwasher Safe
Medical Grade Plastic
 100% Recyclable

Directions for use:


1. Clean your contact lens case as recommended by your eye care professional. 

2. Store your contact lens case and caps face down over the pegs on your CLEAN CASE tray.

The American Academy of Optometry states:
“Contact lens cases should be stored to air dry in a clean,
dry location…with the case face down and the caps off”

                       CLEAN CASE protects your contact lens case by:


                         • Raising your contact lens case off dirty surfaces 

                         • Allowing proper air flow to your contact lens case 

         • Storing your contact lens case face down on a clean surface 


      Keep your CLEAN CASE clean. Dishwasher safe! 100% Recyclable | Medical Grade Plastic | Made in China 


                                                                 CLEAN CASE 2015 US Patents 8468713 & 8950080 


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